So, what's with these pictures, and what can they mean for you?

     Their purpose is to show a solution to a very basic need for any studio - reliability, which may be guaranteed only after a proper design and build. You will experience satisfaction in knowing you are secure - what to expect EVERY time you make a physical patch or wired connection. The fact is we are passionate in our level of commitment to our work and It shows. For you, it means the kind of quality that translates to the security that only comes from reliability.  

    Cane Audio Systems is primarily a custom wiring shop. We specialize in using all kinds of materials such as copper, steel, aluminum, plastics, rubber, wood, and custom molding resins for the fabrication of products, primarily as support structures, that are far more intricate than may appear at first glance. We have the motivation and resources to be truly committed to the use of such materials. We strive to master the art of multi-media (by its original definition). This is custom fabrication, and few shops or vendors still provide our level of detail.
s an example, please inspect the interface system that we designed and built for NYC's (former) Smythe and Company's (Smythe Music) Studio A. It is a completely custom built assembly, as can be seen on this site, on the page. "Studio Wiring". What is first evident, is the use of ADC -QCP™ punchdown frames, but what is NOT seen is the steel. wood, rubber, and resin subassembly that IS the very backbone of why this project is what it is. This interface is often subject to various levels of vibration, from potentially high SPL audio (as it is a control room) to foot traffic, and most significantly, day in and day out use.
       The assembly is mounted within a structure that consists of layers of various woods, resins and rubber, all of different durometers. This determines its ability to either be resonant or not and therefore not susceptible to vibrations. The all steel rack assembly - frame, panels, hardware and rails, that support the punchdown panels are potted in 2" of epoxy, acoustically isolated from the base. The photos (Please click
here ) will show the rest. Remember that this was a real world solution, expected to be invisibly there and working - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, period.

       Please note that in the work seen on this site, with few exceptions, every metal panel, enclosure or device has been individually machined, tooled, painted and labeled by us. We are strict about finishes and coatings, and their resilience. We use a proprietary finishing and labeling system that have withstood the test of time and what matters most is longevity and that translates to confidence in use. Please see our attention to labeling cables, as all are needed to withstand life in a a rugged environment  (and this means every cable and assembly we build), and still be as legible as when new.  We use custom protective plastics for labeling that provide great clarity over time. You do owe it to yourself to see. Please click here for examples. Thanks for coming by, and please take a look around.

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