1- Infrastructure and raw frame. 2- Finished frame, phase 1.  
  4- Close-up "Arial view". 5-How multipair cable is set. Left view. 6-Same, view from Right
  7-THE multipair->100lbs. Turnkey 8-Example of 8-Pair cables that terminate in Sub-D's.. 9-Before the wire prep &"Punch-Downs"
  10-Start of the 22 AWG Punchdowns. 11- The "bigger" picture... 12-Almost Done!
  13-..just a few more.. 14- Same, from afar. 15- Done!
  16-Some of the 8-Pair w/ DB 25's. 17- Delivered on site-Now to interface...

3-Same, a bit closer view.

The entire completed assembly, as seen here on the left, was built and delivered as a "plug and play" interface. The only exceptions were a few connectors to be soldered and existing multipairs to be "punched down" at site (which were and it worked as expected). ** But please keep in mind - the assembly we designed and fabricated as shown above was necessary to achieve this end result shown on the left.

     Photographs that show phase 2, and then the completed installation can be seen by clicking

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