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          There has been a shift in the way interconnection is perceived. In the halcion days of analog audio, attention was always paid to the infrastructure of audio pathways. This meant, no matter how good the active and passive devices were, the need existed to have them be able to connect and communicate with each adjacent device properly. To achieve this goal a no compromise gateway was established. This was and still is the cable or interconnect.
          Most studios and audio pros had taken ultimate responsibility in the manufacture quality and cost containment by building all wiring in-house.   But those were the good old days. Now, many production facilities have shifted from commercial studios to more personal work at home environments. This often means that the actuality of having a staff, including those who have among their talents, possess the ability to make specialized cables and looms a rare luxury.
          As a result, you may have had to purchase one of the widely available commercially made cables online or at a store or catalog,  To a pro audio veteran, however, there are probably many differences in the tactile properties of the cable and a discernible difference in sound quality between what was just purchased and had been used for years.

The Services We Provide

          Cane Audio Systems is primarily a custom shop dedicated to the design and manufacture of traditional pro audio specialties, relating to all things wiring. We have many years of experience in designing electrical signal flow in professional audio environments, such as recording studios, and then making these designs a reality. We can create a most efficient and elegant solution to almost any pro audio design and wiring challenge. It is in this very element, that we thrive. The exact services in which we pride ourselves are solutions to challenges such as the wiring design of new studios, the building of new rooms and the needs created when new equipment has been added.
          What we provide is correctly designing and then fabricating audio harnesses, cables and sometimes elaborate but easy to service looms and assemblies. We have done so thousands of times with 100% customer satisfaction. We have built literally thousands of multi-pair snakes, with reasonable assurance that all are still happily functioning (provided they were treated with adequate good care). We have built thousands of microphone, instrument and strictly pro grade interconnects. The difference between our hand built mic, line, and instrument cables, and what is available from many of the most recognized brands is immediately obvious. Many cable companies found long ago, that to have "special" wire made for them as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) grade, was far more cost effective (cheaper) than to use wire from the standard, accepted manufacturers. What we found, with all technical considerations aside, was that there were many differences in the feel, audio character, and longevity of each wiring assembly or interconnect. The OEM wire often utilized is much cheaper for them to use. As such we prefer and shall use, albeit at a higher cost to us, premium wire only.
          We make the pro audio and musical instrument interconnects, multi-pair assemblies and patchbays that professionals rely upon in demanding environments, day after day, for years. They are usually available for not much more than what equivalent products cost when purchased from most retailers. Quite often, such vendors sell mass produced items from consumer or "pro-sumer" grade manufacturers that pass as professional. How do we know? We have been fabricating industrial grade cables and assemblies for over 20 years, and most people have actually heard or seen productions where our cables and wiring assemblies have been part of the studio's or producer / engineer's tools. (Please ask.)

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