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Complete Facility Wiring Design

     Cane Audio Systems is an established designer of the electronic signal routing that exists within a professional audio environment such as a recording studio or professional sound reinforcement system. What this is specifically, is the ability to properly route signal flow. It is in this domain that correct implementations of basic audio and gain stage fundamentals exist. Routing and patching is a very exact science, that requires consideration of shortest, cleanest signal path and the best ways to achieve this, such as in patching, via jackfields (patchbays).
     We specialize in the manufacture and design of wired interfaces - patchbays, multi-pair cables, interconnects, panels and so forth. A good example of this is demonstrated in the following. A long established New York music and advertising production company, Smythe and Company™ that recently closed (2005),
had decided to refit an existing recording facility and to introduce new equipment in 1997. The challenge was to basically splice, or cross connect over 1,500 wires, half from existing wiring and half from the new multi-pair assemblies required by the new equipment and new input specifications. The solution was the assembly, as may be seen here, that we designed and manufactured.

A Variety of Services and Products

     We also build specialty items, such as the wireless classical guitar amplification system, as used by one of the world's leading classical guitarists, Sharon Isbin
( The original design was the creation of a fellow audio professional and gifted musician from Canada, and Cane Audio Systems inherited the legacy. The description of this amplification system is elaborated upon in detail on this page on her site, such as her interviews with the prestigious Wall Street Journal (here), and in earlier interviews such as in the Chicago Tribune (here) and photos of examples of these systems which are on our site here, wireless.html.

    We pride ourselves in our ability to create solutions to complex challenges that are often thought of initially as major problems. Many examples of the difference in quality we offer may be observed on this site, both in the grade of components used and the unique options available. (I.e., labeling, strain relief, etc.) Because we operate primarily as a custom shop, we are able to pay attention to detail in a way that mass production often can not.

Why You Should Try Us!

And When......

   - If you just commissioned work on a custom patchbay or many of them, paid a large sum of money and know you could have done much better.

  - As above, you are now in possession of these and there are seemingly multiple sources of hum and / or noise...

   - It is an important session, and you thought your cables working perfectly, but where's that f'n... hum / noise coming from?

   - When you should have been advised to buy braided shield wire for those cables that are used and flexed often - WERE YOU? - Possibly, if the installation included "premium" spiral shielded cables and were told they were the "industry standards" and now wonder why the cables feel lumpy... If that is the case, EMI (hum) may now be present, which is very cumulative.

(PLEASE INQUIRE what we mean, especially for cables made with "Super-Premium" wire for which you just paid the usual very high price...)

    If any of these sound familiar, please give us a call. You will be glad you did. In an era of the often used phrase "We make solutions".. CANE AUDIO SYSTEMS has been making solutions. That means you may feel safe - Secure in your expected results, every time you need to do a physical patch. Our specialty is and what our commitment to is the designing, fabricating and shipping for you ready to use, reliable patchbay, loom and cable assemblies.*


                        Our Guarantee-

     Our guarantee is quite simple. The performance and craftsmanship is guaranteed for the life of the connectors. If any assembly or interconnect fails, notwithstanding mistreatment, return it to us with return freight prepaid, and it shall be repaired or replaced, free of charge.


     * The use of the words cables, interconnects and photographs of these on this site is to show examples of our build quality of the interconnects we supply as part of standard complete packages.   

Please browse the following pages, and the explanations that accompany the photos.
Thank you for coming by to visit, and please enjoy.

Cane Audio Systems ®

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